Craft Club

Empowering Young People with Life skills

Since I was a child, I have always loved to create and as a teacher I see the same drive in many young children through art, building, and pretend play. There is an excitement and pride that comes over a child when they discover they can independently create. This emotion is what drove me to start teaching arts and handskills in Uganda. Handskills and crafts are often underestimated but I believe that they can teach more than the skill itself, arts and crafts teach confidence, independence and creativity.

With Tennis for all Uganda we are working with a varied number of ages so the crafts get to be different each week and show each child's personality. So far we have made two types of bracelets and we are working up to more difficult tasks such as crochet sponges and eventually first aide training on top of crafts.

Ms. Emily Ndawula, Craft teacher

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