Every day Tennis For All helps hundred of children in Uganda benefit from the power of sport. You can make a single donation, or regular monthly donations. Help Tennis For All provide sporting opportunities for kids around the world, improving health, education and life skills for future generations to come.

You can make a donation to the  organisation and we will make sure that it gets channelled through to the right cause.

Help children discover a passion for sport and build their future potential

How much will achieve what?

  1. $10 pays for books and stationery for pupils
  2. $50 pays for child’s school fees for a term
  3. $150 pays for child’s school fees for a year
  4. $500 will organize sports tournament event of more then 150 children

Where does my money go?

  1. Books and school stationery
  2. School fees
  3. 2 meals per day
  4. Uniform
  5. Health care

How do I keep in touch?

Once you have a commitment to one of the students, we are committed to sending you the following:

  1. Quarterly reports on the scholastic results of your student
  2. A medical check-up report
  3. Any letter from your student
  4. Your student’s photos while in the classroom
  5. At the end of each school year, you will receive your student’s final report card and pictures of the student along with their class picture

How much of my donation will be spent on projects in Uganda?

  1. Unlike giant charities we spend 100% of donations in Uganda.


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