Sponsor a Child

Sponsoring a child is a direct and personal way to make a difference to their life. Without the help of their sponsor, the children would not be able to attend the school.  

Your sponsorship will help a specific child and you will be given their name and progress reports - even letters from the child from time to time. Please don't expect an instant response because things take a little longer than they would here.

The sponsorship money will go towards the child's school fees and to ensure they get three meals per day. The child's family still has to make a contribution towards the fees because we believe this is important.

Where does my money go?
  • Provides a child with a full education including scholastic materials.
  •  Pay for all the costs associated with a child's education.
  •  No admin costs.
How do I keep in touch?
  • You will be sent at least one thank you letter and photograph from your student each year.
  • You will also receive regular e-newsletters from Tennis For All. with updates from the school.
Sponsorship Options
  • £15 per month to sponsor a child for their education and food

  • Unlike giant charities we spend 100% of donations in Uganda.


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