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You do not have to know how to keep score, hit a forehand or even play tennis.

You just have to LOVE children and have had a good working experience with them. We will have a place for you. Just give us three references and some of your time. Our kids deserve the best. Many thanks!

Short Term Aim

Some of the young people you coach may have never had the opportunity to play any sport, let alone be coached. By running structured training sessions with quality equipment you and the team will provide a unique opportunity to local children.

Long Term Aim

We believe that the contribution our coaches have in Uganda is life-changing. For the children, it’s an opportunity to find a route out of poverty; for you, it’s a unique and rewarding experience.”We have got this far because of the generous support of a diverse range of people offering a wide range of skills, knowledge and resources. We need this support to continue and grow.

Coaching Seasons

As a team, you will coach in up to 5 schools for a total of one week at a time. Within each week, you’ll have 2 sessions with school from Monday to Friday, then on Saturday you’ll run some friendly matches between the different classes to give the students a chance to put their new skills to good use and face some competition.

Class Assistance

Alongside the coaching sessions on the sports ground, in the mornings you’ll also have the chance to work as teaching assistant to teach the children you’re coaching important lessons that are relevant on and off the sports ground, such as healthy eating or the importance of teamwork and communication. These classroom sessions help you to get to know the students and often surprise the coaches how much they enjoy being in the classroom.

What You Gain

  • Expand coaching skills
  • Insight into community-level development in Africa
  • Experiencing the real Africa and go on six amazing excursions
  • Witnessing your volunteering having a tangible impact
  • Sharing the whole experience with an amazing group of people.

What You’ll Do

  • Organize inter-school tournaments
  • Deliver classroom assistance
  • Run coaching sessions in up to 5 schools
  • Work with local initiative to spot talented players
  • Give out kit donations and prizes to special players

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